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Effects Of Too Much Sitting

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Standing Desk Features

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Take a few moments to watch our video. We'll show you just how easy it is to adjust our StandUp Desks. With options for Electric, Pneumatic and Crank Lifts, these desks can be conveniently adjusted throughout your day so you can stand up for your health!

We'll also show you that it's as easy as 1-2-3 to customize the perfect desk for your office from our range of finishes, styles, and features.


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Many Styles & Finishes to Choose From

Ideal Ergonomics

Elevate your desk with the touch of a button, or one of three lift technologies to help fit every budget. Unlike some adjustable height desks, StandUp Standing Desks move your whole workspace vertically, allowing your multiple screens, keyboard, notes, tablet, phone, and full measure of desk paraphernalia to rise with you.

You can even set your StandUp Standing Desk at stool height, for those health marathoners who prefer to stand for most of their shift. Contact us today!

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StandUp in Style

Desk tops are available in finishes ranging from Cherry and Espresso to Mahogany, Honey, Modern Walnut, Maple, and White. Choose from square and beveled edges in rectangular tops or our "pork chop"desktop with return top to create an "L"workstation.

Ask about our complete Suite Solutions, including adjustable standing desks, hutches, storage, book and cabinet spaces. Accessories include LCD arms, Sit or Stand Mats, center drawers, CPU holders, and more!

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Hot Desk for Better Health

Hot desking is the latest trend, saving space and resources where employees share limited work stations on varied schedules. Where it's impractical to furnish every office with a StandUp standing desk, you can set up adjustable height workstations for employees to share throughout the day.

No one wants to stand all day; however, taking your laptop to a standing station for even one to two hours can be a life saver!

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