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Desk Accessories for StandUp Standing Desks

Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Needs

Brought to you by the folks at ISG Office Concepts® Office Furniture, the StandUp Standing Desk series comes with a range of desk accessories no standing desk owner should be without.

Dress up your desk and enhance the utility of your standing desk with accessories like: an ergonomic chair mat, LCD arm for your monitor, desk screen, center drawer, CPU mounts, power module, wire trays, task lighting, and more.

LCD Arm for standing desk

LCD Arms

Whether you use one computer screen or as many as four, LCD arms from ISG Office Concepts® provide the durable, adjustable height presentation you need.

Our LCD Monitor Arms adjust for swing into any position and can be tilted to any angle, supporting up to 4 monitors depending on the model selected. Standard C-clamp for desk mount up to 2.73" thick.


LCD Arm on standing desk

Sit or Stand Chair Mat

Enjoy the healthful benefits of an anti-fatigue comfort mat when standing and the ease of rolling your chair when sitting with one innovative product. Our dual purpose mat offers an ergonomic solution for sit-to-stand workstations.

Roll with ease on the chair mat. Stand in comfort on the foam cushion. Protects hard wood floors like laminate, wood and tile or low pile carpets up to 3/8" thick including padding. Limited 1-Year Warranty.

Standing Desk Floor mat

Tackable Privacy Screen

Outfit your new standing desk with an acrylic modesty or privacy screen. Screens can be mounted in an over or under configuration and come in a variety of finishes to match your desk, including: Cherry, Mahogany, Honey, Espresso, Maple, Modern Walnut, and White.

Tackable Privacy Screen allows you to pin and tack papers or other objects to it.

Acrylic Privacy Screens

Outfit your new standing desk with a frosted acrylic modesty or privacy screen. Screens can be mounted in an over or under configuration and are great for keeping sensitive information away from public view.

Cannot be tacked like the Tackable Privacy Screen

Power module

Power Modules & Wire Management

Everybody hates all those wires hanging from the computers at their desks. No worries, ISG Office Concepts offers a variety of accessories to help you with power modules and wire management accessories.


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Wire Managment for standing desk