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Effects Of Too Much Sitting

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Sit/Stand Desks Offer More

Changing your position changes your disposition. When you can sit and stand as needed, both your work and wellbeing improve. Standing for even short periods engages muscles, balance, breathing, and bone in ways that sitting for hours on end can never do.

Features: Customize your StandUp Standing Desk by selecting a base style, lift technology, and laminated table tops in a variety of finishes and options.

How to Choose a StandUp Desk

Electric Adjustable Desk

Our electric StandUp Standing Desks are the most popular in this series. They offer the easiest, fastest range of motion at the push of a button. Perfect for the person who wants to adjust their desk often throughout the day for sitting or standing.

Electric height adjustment is convenient. Push button controls and a programmable remote allow you to pre-set your desk to return to the same desired height every time.


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Pneumatic Adjustable Desk

Pneumatic Adjustable Desk

Our pneumatic stand up table and desk options use paddle actuated height adjusters with adjustable height ranges. Ultra-smooth motion is accomplished with an easy lever release. The pneumatic gas lift transitions smoothly through the entire range of motion without the need for electricity.

Pneumatic systems are a great option for stand up desks that need to be placed away from walls and electrical outlets.


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Crank Lift Adjustable Desk

An affordable option to promote a healthy lifestyle, a standing desk with a manual crank offers less worry about parts wear and durability. Lift or lower your height adjustable desk with the turn of a handle.

Our crank lift is both economical and a great choice for workstations situated away from electric power. This desk adjusts easily with 1 crank of the handle lifting the table just under one-half inch. It won't take long to get to your personal comfort zone.


Adjustable Desk Heights

With StandUp Standing desks, our adjustable height desks are made for people of all heights and sizes.

  • Electric Desks - Adjustable height ranges from 25 inches to 50.5 inches. Two gear driven motors operate at a speed of 1.4 inches per second.
  • Pneumatic Desks - Adjustable height ranges from 26.25 inches to 39.5 inches.
  • Cranks Lift Desks - Adjustable height ranges from 26.25 inches to 42.5 inches.

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Rectangular and "L" Workstations

Laminate table tops and bases come in both rectangular and "L"shaped configurations. Rectangular desktop styles feature square and beveled edges or choose a pork chop top with return top. Finishes include Cherry, Espresso, Mahogany, Honey, Modern Walnut, and White.

New! Shortening kits are available for use when using smaller tops. Available from ISG Office Concepts, the makers of the StandUp Standing Desk series.

L Shaped Desk